Greeting Card Project: Heat Emboss in a Window

What you need

  • card stock - 8½" x 5½" folded in half to make a 4¼" x 5½" card - white
  • card stock - appr. 4" x 4" - dark green or color of your choice
  • removable tape
  • graph paper
  • craft knife, ruler, pencil
  • awl or needle
  • stylus and wax paper
  • light box or alternative
  • rubber stamp (credit Stampin' Up), ink, embossing powder, heat gun
  • paper trimmer (optional)
  • glue

How to do it

Step 1

Cut a window in the card front based on the size of your stamp. My dragonfly stamp is 1 7/8" x 1 5/8" and to give it a little space, we will cut the window to 2¼" x 2".

Step 2

Dry-emboss a beveled frame. A 1/8" frame will work well for this project.

Step 3

Stamp and emboss your image onto the appr. 4" x 4" card stock. Trim the card stock down to a size about ¼" larger than the beveled window which will make this one 2¾" x 2½".

Step 4

Place the stamped image face-up on your work surface. Open the card with the front face-down. Apply a very small line or very small dots of glue to the raised beveled frame. Turn the card over and carefully align it so that the stamped image is centered in the window. Because the card stock that the stamped image is on may be warped (from the heat embossing), place some weight on top of the card until the glue dries.

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