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This inspiring graffiti was found inside a covered bridge over Anderson Fork near New Burlington, Ohio.

I like the lines that add energetic motion to the composition and the texture of the wood has an almost tactile quality.

In this same bridge was graffiti that said "SATAN SUCKS." After reporting this to a minister friend of mine, the reverend said, "did they leave a number?"

Buy this unique black and white fine-art photo greeting card with the inside blank or with the greeting "...You are" Each 4 1/2" x 6" folded card comes with a white envelope.

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Blank inside $2.25 each
Quantity - 6 - $11.40
($1.90 each)
Greeted inside:

"...You are"
$2.25 each
Quantity - 6 - $11.40
($1.90 each)

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