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My future wife and I were driving US 60 in Hancock County, Kentucky Christmas eve, 1994. I spotted this dilapidated building with the words, spanning the full length of the structure, "MiRACLE HEALiNG SERViCES."

I love photographic humor, so I decided to add this to my collection. Little did I know at the time it would become a successful greeting card, carrying the message inside "Get well soon!"

We were on our way for my first meeting of who would become my in-laws. Had they known of the kinds of things I photograph, they might have had more concern for their daughter than they already had. The in-laws are wonderful people, they just don't get my humor.

Buy this unique black and white fine-art photo greeting card with the inside blank or with the greeting "Get well soon!" Each 4 1/2" x 6" folded card comes with a white envelope.

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Blank inside $2.25 each
Quantity - 6 - $11.40
($1.90 each)
Greeted inside:

"Get well soon!"
$2.25 each
Quantity - 6 - $11.40
($1.90 each)

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