Light Box Alternatives

So, you don't have a light box or a light table? You most likely have around the house the items to make a substitute.

Method One: Hold your project up against a window (to the outdoors) in the daytime to carry out your task. You can even tape your project to the window - use removable tape (Note: Some removable tape will damage some card stock. Tap tape on clothing a few times to lessen the strength of the adhesive. Always test on a scrap piece of card if you're unsure.)

Method Two: If you have a clear or translucent sheet of plexiglass or a window that came out of a storm door, set it on top of two boxes or two stacks of books or whatever is sturdy enough to handle it. (NOTE: DO NOT use non-tempered glass. If the glass came out of a storm door made after 1974 (USA), it should be tempered. Otherwise, the use of non-tempered glass is a serious injury hazard.) Place a light source under the glass or plexiglass. A small table lamp works well.

Here, I have the glass suspended between the sofa and the coffee table. The light source underneath is one of those architect's lamps that is made to be clamped to a table or mounted on a wall.

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