Heat Embossing Greeting Cards

Heat embossing opens up a whole new world for your greeting cards. This is a simple process: Apply ink to the paper (or whatever), pour the powder on, remove excess powder, and heat.

What you need:

Step 1

Apply ink to the paper. This can be from a rubber stamp or an embossing pen. See Rubber Stamping.

Step 2

Before the ink dries, pour the embossing powder onto the ink, making sure you cover all inked areas.

Step 3

300 To catch the excess powder, fold a sheet of paper in half then open it up again - a piece about 8 x 11 works fine. You may find that paper heavier than letter paper works better (like card stock). The purpose of the crease in the catch paper is to guide the excess powder back into its container. Pour the excess powder from the inked image onto the catch paper, then pour the powder back into its container.

You may need to coax the excess powder off the paper by tapping the backside of the paper or by using a very small paint brush to brush off stray powder. If static electricity is causing problems with sticking powder, you can rub the paper with a clothes dryer anti-static sheet before applying the ink. Make sure there is no powder where you don't want it - once it's heated, it won't come off.

Step 4

Apply heat with the heat gun. Use the heat gun just long enough to melt the powder - too much heat can warp the paper. If the paper does get warped, you can put it in a heavy book for a few hours and that sometimes flattens it out. Good lighting for this step is very helpful - you need to be able to see the powder melt.

Step 5

Admire your greeting card!

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