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Writing for greeting cards - get rich quick? No. Get rich slow? Uh, not likely (although it has been done). If you enjoy writing, writing for greeting cards is a great to get some extra cash. It doesn't require a lot of time and can be very rewarding. Seeing a published greeting card with one of your works is a thrill (Wooo-Hooo!).

Who can do this? I don't care if you're a doctor, househusband, park ranger, or plumber. If you can understand that this is all about "me-to-you" communication and you can tap into the feelings of the consumer, you can do this.

With over 1300 greeting card companies in the U.S., there is plenty of need for your work.

Spend a fair amount of time visiting card shops of all sizes and anywhere cards may be sold: book stores, gift shops, florists, grocery stores, museum stores, etc. Get a feel for what is being published. Ask shop owners what sells the best.

A note about terms: the words on a greeting card can be called "verse," "copy," or "sentiments." And just to confuse you, I will use all three.

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Writers' Rights - The following are some of the rights editors or publishers look for from writers for greeting card content.

  • All rights - Some greeting card companies buy these. A writer who sells written work under these terms, forfeits rights of ownership of this material everywhere else. Sometimes you can negotiate with editors to recover your rights after a period of time.
  • One-time rights - The greeting card company may use the work only once and has no guarantee that it will be the first to publish it.
  • First serial rights - The greeting card company will be able to use the work before any other company.

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