Greeting Card Embellishments

Embellishments are things to dress up and accessorize your greeting cards. The choices with which you can add sparkle or a 3-D effect are nearly limitless. Here are some of them:

Rub-on Transfers come in lots of different images and sizes, in books and separate sheets. Apply transfers to wood, vinyl, cardboard, plastic, metal, plaster, paper, glass - just about any surface you'd like to accent (they generally don't work well on fabric).

Fabric is a good way to add color, texture, and pizazz to your greeting cards. If you don't have any suitable fabric around the house, you can find a wide selection at eBay.

eyelets Eyelets - These come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of the choices: hearts, diamonds, butterflies, stars, triangles, squares, teddy bears. A setting tool is required to set them. Use them to attach layers to each other, weave thread or fibers through, or just on their own.

Ribbon - Use ribbon glued onto the card as a decorative element or weave it through a series of punched holes (with or without eyelets). Thousands of choices one has for ribbon. Check out Artistic Ribbon Inc. and JKM Ribbon.

Beads and buttons - An interesting button or bead can be the focus of certain greeting cards. Save them off of clothes you're throwing out or buy them cheap at flea markets. Beads come in all shapes and colors imaginable.

Wire - Comes in a wide array of dynamic colors and can be used on cards in many ways. Tools are available to shape wire.

Stickers - Try scrapbooking retailers for almost any type of sticker you can imagine.

Found items - Many, many items around the house can be used in your greeting cards. Bottle caps smashed flat with a hammer can make interesting embellishments. In my basement I came across some plastic wall-repair tape that is a simple mesh and I have used it on my cards. How about a small piece of sandpaper strategically placed? With a little effort, you can look at lots of common household things as possibilities.

Found natural stuff - Think about all the things in nature that have interesting colors, patterns, shapes, or textures. Feathers, seed pods, leaves, and seashells or seashell fragments can add a nice touch to your greeting cards. I have a river birch tree that sloughs off a very pretty papery bark in a tan/orange/parchment color with a fine suede-like texture.

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