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Greeting Card Categories

Major categories: Traditional, Studio, Contemporary, Alternative. Each of these categories contain two sub-categories: Everyday cards, seasonal

Traditional: This type has been around forever. It usually has a headline or tag line on the outside and conventional, rhyming poetry on the inside. Believe it or not, they are still selling.

Studio: These are humorous items that started to show up in the 1950s. Originally, they often displayed somewhat crude drawings but evolved into something more polished. Now, they can have sophisticated artwork and are witty comments on everyday life. An example: The outside has a drawing of a cat and says "I think you're fascinating." On the inside: "But then again, I'm fascinated by a fly on the window. Happy Birthday!"

Contemporary: Cards of this type use prose as opposed to poetry, even though it can look like poetry. Varying anywhere from a short phrase to many lines, the tone is conversational and down-to-earth.

Alternative: A relatively new type; started by new small and mid-sized companies. This category is identified by simple designs, raw humor, and straight forward messages. A significant portion of sales shifted to this style and Hallmark responded with their Shoebox Greetings line.

Sub categories:

Everyday cards: These are the ones that hold a place on the rack all year round. Some examples are birthday, wedding, anniversary, and retirement. They can also be non-specific occasions like "missing you," "get well," "congratulations," and "thank you."

Seasonal: Holidays fall into this category as well as events like Grandparents Day and graduation.

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