Holidays and Celebrations Calendar - July

  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • Unlucky Month for weddings
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month

Week Celebrations:

  • week 2 Nude Recreation Week

Days that vary:

  • Parent's Day - fourth Sunday

1 - Canada Day; Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day; Build A Scarecrow Day; Jokes Day; Praise A Postal Worker Day

2 - I Forgot Day; International Joke Day; Halfway Day

3 - Disobedience Day; Stay out of the Sun Day; Dog Days of Summer Begin; Tom Sawyer Day

4 - Independence Day (U.S.); National Country Music Day; Compliment Your Mirror Day; Sidewalk Egg Frying Day; Barbecue Day; Country Music Day

5 - Work-a-holics Day; Anxiety Day

6 - National Fried Chicken Day; National Cherry Festival; Dad & Daughter Take a Walk Day; Pinocchio Adventure Day; Marc Chagall Birthday; Running of the Bulls (Spain)

7 - Chocolate Day; Strawberry Sundae Day; Macaroni Day; Cherry Pit Spitting Day

8 - Video Games Day; Be A Kid Day

9 - National Sugar Cookie Day; Rock 'n Roll Day; Blonde Day

10 - Teddy Bear Picnic Day; Barn Day; Pina Colada Day; Hot Diggity Dog Day

11 - Cheer up the Lonely Day; World Population Day; Swimming Pool Day

12 - Different Colored Eyes Day; Pecan Pie Day

13 - Barbershop Music Appreciation Day; Embrace Your Geekness Day; Fool's Paradise Day; French Fries Day; Beans and Franksk Day

14 - Bastille Day; Panedmonium Day; National Nude Day; Cow Appreciation Day

15 - Ice Cream Cone Day; Tapioca Pudding Day; I Love Horses Day

16 - International Juggling Day; Peach Ice Cream Day

17 - Wrong Way Corrigan Day

18 - National Caviar Day; Chrysanthemum Day

19 - National Raspberry Cake Day; Flitch Day

20 - Moon Day; Ugly Truck Day; Lollipop Day

21 - National Junk Food Day; Monkey Day; Peaches and Cream Day

22 - Ratcatcher's Day; Spoonerism Day

23 - National Hot Dog Day; Vanilla Ice Cream Day

24 - Cousins Day; Emilia Earhart Day; Coffee Day

25 - Threading the Needle Day; Act Like a Caveman Day

26 - All or Nothing Day; Aunt and Uncle Day; Groovy Chicken Day; New York Ratification Day

27 - Take a Plant for A Walk Day; Hula Hoop Day

28 - National Milk Chocolate Day; Hamburger Day; Accountant's Day

29 - Rain Day; Rocket Day

30 - National Cheesecake Day; Father-in-Law Day

31 - Mutt's Day; Jump For Jellybeans Day

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