Holidays and Celebrations Calendar - April

  • National Humor Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • National Welding Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Lawn and Garden Month
  • Poetry Month
  • Poetry Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Week Celebrations:

  • Week 1 Library Week
  • Week 1 Read a Road Map Week
  • Week 2 Garden Week
  • Week 3 Organize Your Files Week
  • Week 3 Medical Labs Week
  • Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week
  • Week 4 National Karaoke Week

Days that vary:

  • Easter - is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox.
  • National Walk to Work Day - first Friday of month
  • Ugadi - falls on Chaitra Sudhdha Paadyami or the first day of the bright half of the Hindu month of Chaitra.
  • Vaisakhi - falls in the Nanakshahi calendar on the first day of Vaisakh and marks the sun entering Mesha Rasi. So no lunar rule is determinating Vaisakhi but a solar rule. It usually falls on April 13, falling on April 14 once every thirty-six years.
  • Patriot's Day - third Monday of the month
  • Rama Navami - falls on the ninth day of a Hindu lunar year
  • Mahavir Jayanti - celebrated on the 13th day of the rising moon of Chaitra
  • Passover - beginning on the evening of the 14th day of Nisan

1 - April Fool's Day; International Tatting Day; International Fun At Work Day; Firefighters Day

2 - Children's Book Day; National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day; Reconciliation Day; Great Lovers Day

3 - Don't Go to Work unless it's Fun Day; Tweed Day; Find A Rainbow Day; Chocolate Mousse Day; Circus Day

4 - Hug a Newsman Day; Walk Around Things Day; School Librarian Day; Tell a Lie Day; Vitamin C Day

5 - Fun at Work Day; Go for Broke Day; Lady Luck Day; Bell Bottoms Day

6 - Plan Your Epitaph Day - a little morbid if you ask me.; Sorry Charlie Day; California Poppy Day; Animated Cartoon Day; Caramel Popcorn Day; Tartan Day

7 - No Housework Day; World Health Day; Coffee Cake Day; Ham Radio Day

8 - All is Ours Day; Draw a Picture of a Bird Day; Buddha Day; Hana Matsuri

9 - Name Yourself Day; Winston Churchill Day; Astronauts Day

10 - Golfer's Day; Siblings Day

11 - Eight Track Tape Day; Barbershop Quartet Day; Chesse Fondue Day; Civil Rights Day

12 - Big Wind Day; Russian Cosmonaut Day; Look up at the Sky Day; Reach as High as You Can Day; Hot Dog Day

13 - Blame Somebody Else Day; Scrabble Day; Thomas Jefferson Day; Songkran

14 - Pecan Day; Tamil New Year; Malayalam New Year

15 - Rubber Eraser Day; Titanic Remembrance Day; Tax Day; Fast Food Day; Freak-out Day; Bengali New Year

16 - Eggs Benedict Day; Librarian Day; Stress Awareness Day; Astronomy Day

17 - Cheeseball Day; Nosy Neighbor Appreciation Day

18 - Juggler's Day; Pet Owners Independence Day; Time Out Day; Patriot's Day

19 - National Garlic Day; Primrose Day; Cow Chip Day

20 - Look Alike Day; Volunteer Recognition Day; Lima Bean Respect Day

21 - Kindergarten Day

22 - Girl Scout Leader Day; Jelly Bean Day; Earth Day; April Showers Day

23 - Lover's Day; Take a Chance Day; World Laboratory Day; Cherry Cheesecake Day; Shakespeare's Birthday; St. George's Day

24 - Pig in a Blanket Day; Ambivalence Day

25 - East meets West Day; Cuckoo Day; Anzac Day; National Zucchini Bread Day; World Penguin Day

26 - Executive Admin's Day (Secretary's Day); Pretzel Day; Hug an Australian Day; Richter Scale Day; Bird Day

27 - Babe Ruth Day; Tell a Story Day; Childcare Professionals Day; Bring Your Kid To Work Day

28 - Great Poetry Reading Day; Kiss Your Mate Day; Guide Dog Day; National Hairball Awareness Day

29 - Greenery Day; Moment of Laughter Day; National Shrimp Scampi Day; Arbor Day; Zipper Day; Puppet Day

30 - Hairstyle Appreciation Day; National Honesty Day; Oatmeal Cookie Day

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