Adhesives for Greeting Card Making

With as many different types of adhesives available, it's good to know the properties of each. Certain media do better with certain adhesives than others and some media can be used with only specific adhesives. For projects you want to last indefinitely, use only acid-free products.

Craft glue - A general-purpose glue that dries fairly quickly and dries clear however it can warp/wrinkle some papers. Aleene's Tacky Glue is a popular choice that bonds wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and some plastics. It dries flexible on fabrics.

Glue stick - A very handy invention. Glue sticks are fairly neat and easy to use, however, they do not work well when just a very small area needs adhesive, such as sticking on sequins or tiny embellishments.

Glue pen - Good for attaching decorative embellishments and small items. Another use is to draw a line or artwork with it and apply glitter. Or, apply embossing powder for a raised effect.

Glue dots - These are very sticky globs of glue dispensed on a paper roll. Because they are thicker than something like adhesive tape, glue dots are good for a 3-D effect.

Spray adhesive - Useful for large areas or when working with light-weight materials such as mulberry paper, tissue, or fabric.


Removable - For holding stencils or tracing paper in place, you want a tape that won't damage the surface of the paper when removed. Scotch makes a removable tape that usually works. It's good to have on hand but be sure to test it on your material first. An alternative is to use masking, drafting, or painter's tape and stick it to your clothing a few times before applying it to the project. The lint from your clothes will make it easily removed from your artwork.

Double-sided - You can easily get hooked on this stuff - it's very versatile. Double-sided tape comes in a variety of widths and is available in dispensers. It also come in pre-cut small pieces of various sizes.

Foam tape - (or mounting tape) - This is a double sided tape that has a layer of foam in the middle. For the times when it's appropriate to add some depth to your project, foam tape will make decorative elements or embellishments stand out.

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